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Ian’s review for Beverley 10k

Race:  Beverley 10K

When: May 12, 2019, at 10am


What's the route like: Starting at the

Minster, you wind through the town of Beverley first before heading through North Bar and onto the Westwood.

You then head out towards Walkington and through the country roads to loop back into Beverley. The roads are closed so there's no traffic to worry about.

Returning to Beverley, you go back through the Westwood and then into the town centre with the finish through Toll Gavel. Spectators line the route in front of the shops to cheer you over the finish line.

Weather: Sunny and hot! It was a good job the race started earlier than previous years. There was only one water station near Walkington.

Crew: Run by Beverley Athletics Club, there were loads of marshalls along the route. Directions were clear and they supported and encouraged the runners all the way round.

Worst bit: None, really. There was a bit of congestion at the start. Unlike other bigger race where the runners are separated, there were no staggered starts for, say, sub 50 or sub 60 so it was a bit of a free-for-all. Before the race, I'd been warned to watch out for the hills but they weren't that bad. I'd enough energy because they're in the first 5k.

Best bit: The crowds on the final 500m. Even if you were flagging by that stage, the support was enough to help you find that extra bit of energy.

How did you do? Looking for a sub-55, I crossed the finish line at 54:35.

Goodie bag: No bag, as such, and sadly, no bling. We got a banana, an orange and a slice of water melon at the finish, which was a nice touch. There was plenty of water on offer. You'd to walk to the leisure centre to collect your tech t-shirt - white and blue this year.

Would I do it again? Yes. Looking forward to a rematch with Mally Frankton.

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