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COURSE: Beautiful scenery. The route started at Newsam Hall and swept in a figure of eight through the grounds, taking in the park, countryside and forest area. It was fine underfoot with good solid paths, gravel or woodland track. At one point, we ran a short distance alongside a motorway but, because of the height we were at, you didn't really notice it. Yes inclines, followed by declines etc.. However, there's a sting in the tail as the final half mile of the course took a cheeky twist of bringing in a rather deceptive climb which really challenged your legs, heart and lungs. My head was definitely saying stop and walk..but my heart knew I had to carry on...albeit slowly. The grounds of the hall were well-kept, with an abundance of daffodils. We ran past a couple of duck ponds and over a bridge.

WEATHER: Beautiful and sunny. A tad too hot for a run really.. But water stations and FOOD helped.. Jaffa cakes, jelly babies and oranges.

CREW: Great support from the Grim Up North team. When we arrived, a chap came up to me and asked if I had done EHH 20 week before, as apparently he had stopped and I asked if he was ok.

They made a fuss of Mark with it being his birthday, saved him some gluten-free cake and wished him happy birthday at the team talk. They also shouted "Birthday Boy" every time he came through the 4 loops!

WORST BIT:  Incline at the end.. And loops if you don't like them.

BEST BIT: Location and so well supported.. Can I say medal and chocolate too?

WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN? Defo. Perfect if you're going to go to the event with family. Toilets very near, free parking, cafe, zoo and Go Ape. Plus it's probably a good race to get a medal..


Clair Williamson’s review of the Temple Newsam Daffodil Dash Half Marathon and Marathon.

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