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Allison Coggan's review of the Hornsea Third Marathon (8.74 miles).

Race: Hornsea Third Marathon (8.74 miles)


When: April 7, 2019, at 11am

What's the route like: This felt like home turf. I didn't check the route before the race because I was confident I'd have run some, if not all, of it before. I have got lost many times around these parts in the last two years! I just keep going until I see something I recognise as I think my trainers have an invisible homing device and I always make it home.

Around 320 runners lined up at the starting line, with all finishing. It was my first proper run after tearing my calf muscle so I was nervous.

We started close to the gate to the Trans-Penine Trail at Little Hatfield and ran up past the Wrygarth Inn, following the main road to the Water Tower before turning left towards Goxhill. 

It's then on towards Sigglesthorne, through the village to wave at a clutch of spectators before turning left and heading off towards Rise. From there, we turned left onto Mill Lane and Eastfield Lane before turning right for the home straight, albeit with a fair few bends, onto Great Hatfield Road and back to the finish.


Weather: Perfect racing conditions. It was chilly but not freezing. Cloudy with a few spots of rain but nothing to fret about.


Crew: Run by Hornsea Rotary Club, the crew were very friendly and efficient giving out numbers from Race HQ at Denholme Farm, about ten minutes walk to the start. There were plenty of toilets and the queues weren't too bad. Once the race got underway, friendly marshalls kept us right along the route, waving and cheering us on all the way.


Worst bit: None, really. I've run this route plenty of times so I knew about the hill coming out of Sigglesthorne and the hill over the back of the farm before Eastfield Lane around the seven-mile mark. There are smaller climbs in the last mile or so but they're not thigh-burners. Just remember to save a bit of energy for the end.

Best bit: The familiarity of it all. I've lived here since 2003 and I liked knowing what was around the corner. I'm always proud to wear my  Harriers vest but it felt good to wear it at this race. I loved being with so many other Harriers. I mainly run on my own so it was nice to feel part of the gang.


How did you do? Happy to finish in 1:15:21. Calf held up although I strained it again on an easy run two days later!


Goodie bag: A bit ordinary, to be fair. The usual banana and bottle of water. But there's bling, with a medal on a yellow and blue ribbon, and you could have had cake and coffee or tea. I settled for a drink instead in the Wrygarth with Sam Graystone and Wendy Taylor.

Would I do it again? Yes. For the familiarity of the route and the camaraderie.

allison with the others from hornsea thi

Allison with some of the Harriers taking part. Lucy and Steve Thompson, Bob Stockdale, Zoe Topham and Roanna Bland also took part and are missing from the team shot!

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